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Discover our list of bankruptcy services from Chapter 7, to Chapter 13, and how we can help you get your finances back on track through bankruptcy or other non-bankruptcy options including debt settlement.



Meet our bankruptcy attorneys, including Attorney Ronald I. Chorches, Attorney Martin Chorches, and Attorney Marjorie Gruszkiewicz who are ready to help you make the best decision for dealing with debts.



If you’re ready to take the leap, and get your debts and finances back on track for a fresh start, we’re here to help get you started. Simply visit our contact page for ways to get in touch with our law offices.

Get Help Declaring Bankruptcy or Discovering Your Options

At The Law Offices of Ronald I. Chorches, we want to help you find solutions to difficult debt problems. Therefore, we provide a free and confidential bankruptcy consultation to all new clients. We have convenient locations to serve you in Wethersfield and Winsted Connecticut, and we’re easily reachable from the cities of Hartford, West Hartford, East Hartford and Manchester.


Help You Declare Bankruptcy

The mission of our office is to provide you with bankruptcy services that are professional, objective, and effective. We will help you eliminate your debts, and turn your financial negatives into positives. We’ll be the lawyers that represent and support you during the bankruptcy process, and show you how to save money so you’ll never be in debt again.

Stop Debt Collector Harassment
You may be considering filing bankruptcy because you’re looking for an effective way to deal with debts and bills that you simply cannot afford to pay, despite your best efforts. You may be exasperated with the harassment of collectors who persistently call you and your loved ones at all hours of the day without regard for the struggles you may be facing.

The good news is that you can stop those collectors now and gain an increased sense of peace.

You may be researching bankruptcy as an option, but perhaps you have yet to talk to a lawyer. If you are eager to find a solution to a serious financial problem, you have come to the right place.

We represent individuals and companies and we find answers that work for you.


Decades of Real Experience

With more than 25 years of experience handling all types of bankruptcy matters, attorney Ronald I. Chorches and his team have a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding bankruptcy and can help you:

Stop creditor harassment
Once you have filed for bankruptcy, creditors and collection agencies must stop all efforts to collect your debts and stop calling you at home or at work. If they don’t, you may be able to sue them for damages.

Prevent foreclosure or car repossession
We discuss options that you can use to help you catch up with arrears in mortgages or car payments, so you don’t lose important assets.

End wage garnishments
Wages are often garnished to pay overdue child support and back taxes. Other creditors are turning increasingly to wage garnishment as a way to collect on debt, making your difficult financial situation even worse. We can give you the tools to stop having money taken out of your hard-earned paycheck.

Eliminate debt
Get relief from credit card bills, medical bills, utility bills and other unsecured loans.

Stop lawsuits against you
By filing bankruptcy, an automatic stay will be placed against creditors who are trying to sue you.

Payment plans (IRS, tax debt)
Talk to us about the different options you may have to pay off or even discharge your tax debt.

Understand whether bankruptcy is right for you
Although many attorneys and law firms simply walk every financially distressed client through bankruptcy, we know that this is not the best choice for everyone. We can explore other alternatives to bankruptcy.

Individual or joint bankruptcy
Even if you are married, you are not required to file bankruptcy jointly. We can advise you on whether your spouse should file bankruptcy with you or whether you are better off pursuing bankruptcy on your own.

Save your home and other valuable assets
In addition to saving your home, bankruptcy can help you protect other valuable assets.

Begin your life after bankruptcy
After eliminating credit card debt and other forms of debt, it is possible to repair your credit and begin a new life after bankruptcy.

We’re one of the largest bankruptcy law firms in Connecticut and our concentration is on consumer bankruptcy. We help individuals and businesses solve their most pressing financial difficulties so they can move forward with a fresh start!


A History of Client Satisfaction

The Law Offices of Ronald I. Chorches is a bankruptcy law firm based in Hartford, Connecticut. Our law firm represents individuals and companies that are experiencing financial problems, and desire a fresh start and relief from their debts. Undoubtedly, if you’re looking for a Connecticut bankruptcy attorney, you can count on us.

Founding attorney Ronald I. Chorches has been practicing law since 1990, concentrating in the area of bankruptcy since that time. As one of only a handful of appointed Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustees in the state of Connecticut, he’s not only considered a bankruptcy specialist, but he is a second-generation bankruptcy attorney whom lectures nationally on topics related to bankruptcy and various financial matters.

Together, Ronald I. Chorches, Martin Chorches and Marjorie Gruszkiewicz have had extensive success negotiating out-of-court settlements, workouts and unique arrangements for asset protection and an array of other bankruptcy related services from Chapter 7 bankruptcy, all the way to putting an end to harassing phone calls by creditors.


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Meet Our Attorneys

Attorney Martin Chorches

Attorney Martin Chorches is a veteran lawyer with vast experience in creditor bankruptcy and Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

ronald chorches bankruptcy

Attorney Ronald I. Chorches

Ronald I. Chorches is the principal attorney of the Law Offices of Ronald I. Chorches, LLC in Wethersfield, CT. He is appointed to the Panel of Chapter 7 Standing Trustees, United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Connecticut.

Attorney Marjorie Gruszkiewicz

Ms. Gruszkiewicz received her B.A. from the University of Connecticut and earned her Juris Doctorate from Western New England College of Law.

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