Bankruptcy and Divorce Attorney Connecticut

Bankruptcy and Divorce Attorney Connecticut

There is a strong correlation between couples facing serious financial problems and divorce. The two seem to go hand in hand. Although the looming reality of both bankruptcy and divorce can be overwhelming and disheartening, it is important to proceed strategically.

Make sure you work with a lawyer who has the experience and knowledge needed to help you through the bankruptcy and divorce processes to protect your interests and help you begin a new future.

Coordinating Bankruptcy And Divorce

The most important considerations for bankruptcy and divorce happen on the front end, during the initial strategy sessions. At The Law Offices of Ronald I. Chorches, we can help you find all of the divorce and bankruptcy information you need regarding:

  • Determining whether bankruptcy is right for you: We will look over your financial records with you to determine whether you will be able to save your home, eliminate credit card debt and keep your assets through the process.
  • Determining the order of operations: If you are filing for both divorce and bankruptcy, the order of filing can have a significant impact on the ultimate outcome. We can advise you of the best approach in your individual case.
  • Protecting your interests: We can use bankruptcy to protect your rights in division of assets, spousal maintenance and other aspects of your divorce.

At The Law Offices of Ronald I. Chorches, we represent clients throughout the Hartford, Connecticut, area in bankruptcy and divorce matters. Ronald I. Chorches is a lawyer with more than 20 years of experience in his own right, and his father also handled bankruptcy and other financial law matters for many years. It is true to say that attorney Ronald I. Chorches has spent the majority of his life learning about bankruptcy law. We will use that experience and knowledge to help you.

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