Debt Settlement Attorney Connecticut

Debt Settlement Attorney Connecticut

When facing insurmountable debt problems and seeking legal counsel, you need the right answers. There are other options for people dealing with financial stress than just bankruptcy. It is important to work with an attorney that not only has experience and knowledge in bankruptcy, but who also knows how to help clients through other debt relief options too.

At The Law Offices of Ronald I. Chorches in Hartford, Connecticut, we provide clients with unique solutions backed by experience and comprehensive knowledge. Attorney Ronald I. Chorches and our legal team help clients consider a variety of bankruptcy alternatives, including credit counseling and debt settlement.

Beware of Debt Settlement Companies

There are numerous debt settlement and debt consolidation companies. Numerous clients have come to us after working with these settlement companies, and we know from this experience that these debt consolidation services simply don’t work.

This is the truth about debt consolidation and debt settlement companies: in most cases, they charge significant fees and take a long time to do any work on behalf of the client. In the end, the terms of any settlements are no better than what an individual could do on his own or her own.

The following are some factors to consider before using a debt settlement company:

  • it has been proven that most debt settlement services are frauds
  • there’s a high number of reported rip you offs
  • the Federal Trade Commission has warned consumers to avoid most debt settlement companies
  • debt settlement companies do not provide harassment protection against your creditors
  • you can still sued, have your wages garnished, or have liens placed against your assets while in these programs
  • credit card interest rates do not stop when you are in a debt settlement program.
  • you can still face negative tax implications

In fact, many credit counseling companies are operated by credit card companies. if you have been ripped off by a debt settlement firm or debt management company, feel free to set up a free consultation to discuss your options, including litigation to cover your losses.

Come talk to us. We can look at your financial situation and explore the many legal bankruptcy alternatives available to you. It is important to find an approach that will surely work for you and also legally protect you throughout the process and thereafter.

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Do not work with a debt consolidation company, and do not try to dig yourself out of serious financial debt on your own. For more information contact us today to schedule a free consultation.