Mediation Process Attorney Connecticut

Mediation Process Attorney Connecticut

If you require an attorney to help you through the foreclosure mediation process, we are here to help. Connecticut has a mandatory mediation program as part of foreclosure proceedings where a neutral person works with you and your lender to resolve mortgage debt issues before it goes to court.

During these times it’s important to have an attorney on your side who will advocate for you and preserve your rights. Call our firm as soon as you receive foreclosure papers. We can give you the leverage you need when trying to save your home.

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State Court Mediation

In Connecticut, when a case is filed, there is an option for state court mediation. When these mediation procedures are launched, they halt the foreclosure proceeds for the duration of the process. During the mediation sessions, we can work to help you and your lender modify your home loan program or create a more reasonable payment plan while keeping you out of bankruptcy.

Through mediation and other negotiations, we can explore solutions for you to find a valuable alternative to bankruptcy that could reduce costs and help you find financial freedom.

Helping Your Through The Mediation Process

We will guide you through the mediation process. Before going into mediation, we will review your finances and prepare documentation for the mortgage companies. Once you have received foreclosure papers, it is imperative that you contact us. Putting an experienced attorney on your side greatly improves your chances of coming to agreement and saving your home.

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At The Law Offices of Ronald I. Chorches, we prepare you for mediation by reviewing your finances, completing all required documentation and counseling you through the process, including representing you throughout the entire mediation process. Call us at 860-563-3955 or visit our consultation page to send us an instant message which we’ll return promptly.