Bankruptcy Lawyer, Bridgeport CT 

bankruptcy lawyer Bridgeport, CTThe stress of debt can be debilitating, causing you to feel shame and embarrassment, consuming your every thought, following you around like a shadow. At times, it may feel like you’ll never experience the relief of being debt-free or see the sunshine again. If you’ve ever felt this way, or are concerned about paying off your debt, you need to talk to a bankruptcy lawyer in Bridgeport, CT at the Law Offices at Ronald I. Chorches. Deciding to file for bankruptcy is not an easy decision but choosing the right law firm to guide you through the process can be. 

Is Bankruptcy Right for Me? 

Have you fallen on hard financial times and found yourself unable to pay back creditors? Each month you’re falling further behind on bills, having to incur more debt to just “get by”? Financial struggles are not easy, nor are the decisions we make regarding our finances. Personal debt can take many forms, and though filing for bankruptcy may not alleviate all of your financial burdens it can help with the following types of debt:

  • Personal Loans
  • Credit Cards 
  • Medical Bills
  • Overdue Utility Payments

However, certain types of debt may not be covered by filing for bankruptcy: 

  • Child Support
  • Alimony
  • Most Taxes
  • Most Student Loans

Trying to figure out which of these categories your unique situation falls under can be confusing, and add stress to an already stressful situation. That is why discussing your financial hardships with a bankruptcy lawyer in Bridgeport, CT may be the best way to make sense of your options. 

How Will My Credit be Affected? 

Many people fear their credit will be ruined after filing for bankruptcy and are concerned about the impact it may have on their dreams of buying a house or paying for their child’s college education. Though bankruptcy proceedings will impact your credit score and appear on your credit history for several years, the financial freedom may outweigh potential challenges that come with these caveats. That is why having a bankruptcy lawyer who understands the intricacies of bankruptcy law is an invaluable resource in your decision-making process. Having a better understanding of how filing for bankruptcy can affect your credit will allow you to make a more informed decision. 

Types of Bankruptcy 

There are several types of bankruptcy, and having a professional who understands the nuances and regulations of each one will help you decide which one best suits your needs. Wading through the myriad of regulations can cause added stress to an already stressful situation, not to mention, leave you feeling confused and wondering what your eligibility is based on your special circumstances. 

Seeking professional help from a bankruptcy lawyer can help set you on the path to a better financial future. It can be a daunting process, but with the help of a bankruptcy lawyer in Bridgeport, CT at the Law Offices at Ronald I. Chorches, you may finally find yourself out of debt shadow and working towards your financial goals.