341 Hearing – Meeting of the Creditors

In a 341 hearing you, as the debtor, will be asked under oath to attest to the truthfulness of the bankruptcy petition you filed. Your creditors also have the right to ask questions if they so choose, about other aspects related to your case including questions about your assets and liabilities.

While it is highly unusual for a creditor to attend a 341 hearing, your bankruptcy trustee will ask you several questions regarding your financial affairs and ask you to verify information regarding your petition including whether it is complete and accurate, whether you have transferred any property in the last two years, or whether you have sold any real estate in the four years before you filed for bankruptcy.

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As your legal counsel, our attorneys will be with you at the hearing throughout the entire process. We will go over and review with you all questions you will be asked during our first consultation.

What to Expect From The 341 Meeting

Although the meeting of the creditors sounds like a big ordeal, it’s actually really simple and straight-forward.

  • once you file bankruptcy the bankruptcy clerk will schedule the 341 meeting and send notices to all parties involved
  • your bankruptcy trustee will preside over the meeting
  • the meeting is not meant to interrogate or make you feel pressured
  • you’re placed under oath and need to present your ID and social security number
  • you are personally required to attend the meeting and cannot send representation
  • creditors rarely attend 341 meetings but sometimes do
  • it is not an actual court hearing
  • you are required to truthfully answer all questions

Once the meeting is over, you’ll start to feel relieved knowing you’re moving onto the next step of your bankruptcy, which in many cases usually leads to the discharge of your debts. The meeting usually takes anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to adjourn.

The 341 meeting is required for filing chapter 7, chapter 11, and chapter 13 bankruptcy, but each is slightly different and different questions are asked.

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