Hiring a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy business lawyer Hiring a lawyer can be a stressful process. To begin with, how can you be sure you even need a lawyer? There are a lot of reasons that you need a lawyer before you end up in a courtroom. Once you know you need a lawyer, how do you find a good one? Should you hire one for just this job or keep a lawyer on retainer?

How to know if you need a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

The simple answer is, if you’re not sure, you need a lawyer. Consulting a lawyer and finding out you are in the clear is preferable to not contacting a lawyer and facing down lawsuits or fines. Lawyers are essential at every step of the business process like a chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer from a firm like Carolyn Secor, P.A., can explain. They can make sure you start off on solid ground by advising on a sound business structure and helping you with the paperwork and licenses you need. You will also need a lawyer if you are working with any intellectual property and when going through a bankruptcy. They can draft solid agreements and contracts to help keep business running smoothly. They can even help you get paid with a letter on your behalf. If you wait until an emergency comes up to hire a lawyer, you have waited too long.

How to Find a Good Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

One of the best ways is to ask around. Put your personal and professional networks to work for recommendations. Make sure to look around online and do some research. There are sites that offer directory services for lawyers, and they may even include complaints lodged against the lawyer.

Once you have some recommendations, set up meetings with the potential lawyers. Make sure that you come ready to ask questions. Think of it as interviewing an employee. How much do they need to be paid? How much experience do they have?

What is a Retainer

A retainer is a prepayment into an account that is used to pay the lawyer’s fees later. By setting up a retainer with a lawyer, you can avoid worrying about legal issues and focus on running your business. The retained lawyer can review and form contracts and agreements and advise in all sorts of legal matters. They can even make recommendations if you need someone more specialized. The exact amount needed depends on the lawyer, so make sure you ask during the interview process.

If you have questions about any chapter 7 bankruptcy legal issues relating to your business, contact a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer and discuss your options.



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